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Breaker Customer Central is our in house ticketing system that we use to communicate with our clients.

Submit, edit and view tickets within our system.


Breaker Monitoring continuously checks your systems 24/7 preventing future issues before they happen.

BMonitor allows us to transparently show you what we see.
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Breaker Mail allows you to access your work email from anywhere at anytime using the web.

BMail supports all internet connected devices.
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Breaker Cloud allows you to access your files from anywhere or any supported device.

Store an unlimited amount of data in the cloud.
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Breaker Sync continuously connects your data through our network with 100% up-time.

BSync connects us to your environment.
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Breaker Connect allows our engineer's to securely access your workstation or server in seconds to assist you.

BConnect allows us to work remotely on your hardware.

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The Breaker group, Inc. | Phone - (609)-267-1330 | Fax - (609)-267-1433

Support 7x24 - (609)-668-6425 | Support Email - BCentral@breakergroup.com