The Breaker Group, Inc. 

Data Backup


Protects your data from outside virus, Krypto Locker, Accidental Deletions, or disaster.

Less Downtime

Dramatically reducing downtime, while protecting, storing and managing your companies information.


Constant monitoring of servers and other crucial hardware.

Breaker Data Center

By keeping data stored in the Breaker Data Center, customers have the peace of mind knowing that their information is kept secure and off-site, minimizing the change of downtime.

How does it work?

There will be an initial seeding of data followed by daily delta change updates regularly backing up your data.

What does it cost?

We want to make your life easier, we accept monthly or yearly payments:
- One time$500 set up fee
- $200 per month for 500GB of data
- $300 for 1 Terabyte
- Health of server and services available ($35 per server)